The Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) has generously awarded 纽约医院 a planning grant in the amount of $29,785 to facilitate a one-year assessment of the hospital’s current framework for providing high-quality care to the older adult population in Southern Maine. The grant will allow the hospital to examine gaps and opportunities in four areas: Systemization of Screening Tools; Stigma Reduction; Clinical and Community Educational Needs; and Supportive 服务 for 病人, 家庭和照顾者. The project will address ageism in terms of attitudes among medical providers and the broader community as well as assessment of internal policies and practices that might disproportionately affect older adults.

作为背景, in 2018 纽约医院 commissioned Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to help evaluate opportunities and gaps to determine what was needed to become a regional leader in the care of older adults. 2019年,冰球突破推出了 老年人中心 and now offers outpatient consultation with a board-certified geriatrician or geriatric nurse practitioner (NP) and a 家里电话 program staffed by two NPs to help mitigate symptoms from high-risk diagnoses, 减少急诊室和医院的再入院率, 并在舒适的家中提供照顾. These services provide more comprehensive consultations than previously possible at regular primary care visits and were designed to lower costs, 提高质量, 让老年患者更容易获得医疗保健. 这是大流行的结果, demand for 纽约医院’s 家里电话 has nearly tripled – from 370 visits to homebound patients in 2019 to 1,2020年进行037次家访.

纽约医院 patients and their family members are routinely asked to share feedback. Some of their requests include providing opportunities for patients to access safe physical and/or 社会 activities while their family members or caregivers participate in an educational or 社会 activity at the same time: art therapy, 讲故事, 睡眠/失禁技能训练, 撰写回忆录, 太极, 摄影, 读书俱乐部等. This planning grant will allow 纽约医院 to work with our local partner organizations to pilot supportive programs to benefit our older adult community.

凯蒂·道奇, PT, leader of Older Adult 服务 at 纽约医院 and Project Director for the MeHAF grant added, “We are excited to pilot innovative programs and expand our efforts to provide the most vital resources and compassionate care for our older adult community. We’ll examine both how our medical providers deliver care to older patients, 以及这些病人接受治疗的方式, 和感知, 他们的治疗. Our goal is to help our staff and entire community become more knowledgeable and age-friendly.”

冰球突破院长 & 首席执行官,博士. 帕特里克•泰勒, expressed his gratitude to MeHAF for helping the hospital lead the way in geriatric care in Southern Maine. “众所周知,缅因州的居民平均来说是最健康的 最古老的 在这个国家和州,老龄化继续超过其他国家. Maine claims the 最古老的 median age of any state and also has the highest share of the population aged 65 and older per the latest U.S. 人口普查估计。”泰勒说道. “As residents across the state of Maine get older, they will inevitably need more health care. While 纽约医院 is always focused on providing the highest quality medical care, this MeHAF grant allows us to provide resources to patients and their families that are educational, 社会, 和支持. 正如著名的非洲谚语所说, ‘It takes a village’ – and at 纽约医院 we want to help our staff and entire community better understand how to provide for and interact positively with older adults in safe and healthy environments. We are so grateful to MeHAF and our network of community partner organizations for being part of our village and for helping us do this important work together,泰勒补充道.

关于冰球突破老年人中心: 纽约医院 Center for Older Adult 护理 offers programs and services to better serve our community members who are 65 years of age or older. We understand circumstances can limit accessibility for some older adults. 在回应, we now offer outpatient consultation at our 老年人中心 and personal 家里电话 with our dedicated Nurse Practitioner. These services provide a more comprehensive consultation than would be possible at a regular primary care visit with the patient’s convenience in mind. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:

关于MeHAFThe Maine Health Access Foundation’s mission is to promote access to quality health care, 特别是对于nose who are uninsured and underserved, and improve the health of everyone in Maine. MeHAF works with nonprofit partners and key leaders in the public and private sectors to advance initiatives and policies that particularly help those who face barriers accessing health care services and achieving optimal health. 每年 the foundation provides approximately $5 million in grant and program funding to support activities aligned with its mission. 欲了解更多信息,请访问: